When the cat’s away…
it’s on holiday at Lorenzo

Does your cat have the required vaccinations?

In order to board with us, cats must have been inoculated against feline viruses (Feline Panleukopenia) and cat flu (Calicivirus/Rhinotracheitis). These vaccinations must have been administered within the past year for your cat to board with us. If your cat still needs to have the vaccinations before boarding at our cat hotel, this must preferably be done at least 3 weeks before boarding. 

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Vaccination guidelines for cats

Guidelines for the required vaccinations:

  • Feline Distemper (Feline panleukopenia): at least 2 weeks old, maximum age 2 years old
  • Upper respiratory disease (Calici, Rhinotracheitis): at least 2 weeks old, maximum 1 years old
  • A vaccination against Bordetella (Nobivac Bb) is not required for a stay at the kattenhotel. But if this is given there has to be at least be six (6) weeks between the vaccination date and the arrival at the kattenhotel.

Bring the completed vaccination record along when you bring your cat to our cat boarding facility. We will retain your cat’s passport for administrative purposes during its stay at the cat hotel.

Cat hotel rates

Special care for your cat

Care of your cat’s coat, when your cat will tolerate this, is included in the price as part of the standard level of care provided. If long-haired cats require regular grooming, any discounts offered for additional cats may not apply.


The administration of medication is included in the price, with the exception of insulin injections for cats with diabetes.


If a cat requires kennel rest for medical reasons, such as a broken leg, your pet will be cared for by staff members with para-veterinary training.


If your cat were to become ill during its stay at Lorenzo Cat Hotel, we would revert to your vet in principle, unless your vet is unavailable or located (far) outside The Hague. We also have an excellent relationship with our own vet on whom we can call.

Care of your cat