When the cat’s away…
it’s on holiday at Lorenzo

The best care for your cat in our cat hotel in The Hague

When you stay in a hotel, you want value for money. You want to enjoy yourself, be spoiled and to have no cares. The same should apply for your cat. At Lorenzo Cat Hotel in The Hague, everything is geared towards making the little house tigers’ stay as comfortable as possible.

The cat’s whiskers

All areas in our townhouse are equipped with under floor heating and air conditioning, so we offer a comfortable temperature in both summer and winter.


Every cat has its own large kennel. Cats from the same household are accommodated together. Each kennel has cat food and fresh drinking water, a cat basket, litter tray and a board to lie on. It would be helpful to your cat if you could bring an old (hand)towel from home. The scent of the towel will help your cat feel at home more quickly.  

Your cat will settle more quickly if you drop it off in the morning and it can get straight into the daily routine. Once settled, usually after a few days, the cats may wander around freely during the day if they want. They can use the climbing posts and lie in the sun on the windowsill. All cats are returned to their own kennels at night. That way we can monitor food consumption and use of the cat litter box, thus assuring optimal health.

A number of rooms in the hotel have enclosed balconies or conservatories. The cats cannot run away, but they have access to fresh air.




Admission interview

When you bring your cat to the cat hotel for the first time, we will have an interview of about 30 minutes with you. We will discuss all details regarding your cat: from the kind of food (brand and flavour) and the animal’s nature, to its favourite games. Naturally, we will also discuss its  medical history if necessary.



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