When the cat’s away…
it’s on holiday at Lorenzo

The cost of an overnight stay at Lorenzo Cat Hotel

We would advise you to reserve a place for your pet in advance during the summer months. Our cat hotel is often very busy during the Christmas period and other holidays. You only pay for the number of nights your cat stays at the hotel, regardless of the time you drop or collect your pet. Adult male cats may only stay at the hotel if they have been castrated. We also have boarding facilities for birds and rodents at Lorenzo Cat Hotel.

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Other pets

Our animal boarding facility is more than a cat hotel. We also offer boarding facilities for other pets such as rodents and birds. 


  • Rabbits, guinea pigs or other rodents: € 4,95
  • 2nd animal in the same cage: € 4,70
  • Birds: € 4,70
  • 2nd bird in the same cage: € 2,95

Reserve a cage for my rodent or bird

 *we reserve the right to make amendments

All rates quoted above are inclusive of VAT. The general terms and conditions   of the national association Dibevo Huisdierenspecialist apply to all boarding transactions.